Clevasoft - About Our Business

Our Project Development Approach

We generally adopt the concept of incremental development where our clients play an important part in our software product building process. Because we want to build to the satisfaction of our clients by delivering highly functional products that in themselves offer great user experience. Usually this means carefully building and modifying in view of meeting our client requirements.

The five Key Stages of our Project Development The five Key Stages of our Project Development
Figures showing: Key Project Development Stages

1. Early Stages of a Typical Project – Gathering the Requirements for the Product

The very first task we carry out is gathering as much as appropriate information that will form the foundations of the project. The objective is to put together the specification for the essential components. These are small, usable and independent parts of the project.

2. Deciding and Designing with UX – User Experience - in Mind

It is imperative that we not only have well functioning technological solutions, but in the same direction ensure that we the expectations of our clientele whilst delivering on improved user experience. Making it easy to use our graphical user interface or windows through which a user interacts with the software or program is vital to achieving a great experience.

3. Building Small Bits – The AGILE Way

The agile method of software development takes the concept of constructing small functional parts that make an overall project. Each of those fully operational software units gradually add up to constituting the entire project.

4. Product Testing & Modification

All fully functional software code units undergo test to enable developers spot and address unintended, logic errors, bugs and underlining security challenges. Our codes units are tested generally for user experience, scalability, performance and responsiveness as well as their capacity to ease code maintenance.

5. Deployment and Maintenance

We host and deploy our solutions together with the any accompanying database upon the completion of the code testing exercise. We host web driven software solution in two data centres which guarantee sufficient support for the web files and database. The maintenance we conduct can be seen through regular evaluation of the deployed solutions.

Our Modest Beginnings and Dominant Business Policy

Clevasoft London started off as a modest project pioneered by one of our developers who has had over 32 years of programming experience, with 16 of those devoted to using modern software and web application building technologies.

Our Key Objective

The prime objective of Clevasoft's Team of developers, in the delivery of affordable IT products and services, is three-fold. This key objective is largely driven by the need to work with our clientele to achieve the best business outcome.

Cost Reduction in the Long Term

A integral part of this objective is lending support to our clients in an effort to tackle business cost in the long term. At Clevasoft London, we recognise the significance of a progressive reduction in the cost of business especially in difficult economic clime. Our focus is to match with affordable and effective information technology, the strategy as well as the resilience of our clients, individuals and corporate organisations, in dealing with pluggable business expenditure.

Boosting Productivity and Efficiency

Another key part of this objective is the commitment to help boost our customer's productivity and efficiency through the provision of workable, user-friendly, custom products.

Broadening Clients' Markets

The third approach involves the broadening of markets for our clients over the internet. While it is common knowledge that the success of any commercial, personal or non-profit based endeavour derives in part from high productivity plus effective cost management strategies, however achieving such result almost inevitably requires the opening of markets with web based technologies some of which Clevasoft London is delivering.