Clevasoft London UK - Our Services

Beneficiaries of Our Services

Our services at Clevasoft London are centred on both desktop and web based applications designed, developed and maintained by us. The services also include maintaining and administering non-Clevasoft London products. Here are some of them:

Improving Web Traffic - Search Engine Optimisation

Organisations and individuals often own websites that are barely known to a vast majority of the online audience. Quite a few web developers include basic search engine optimisation to give the websites created the chance to be viewed by potential site visitors who normally would not know about the existence of such websites.

At Clevasoft London, we offer, at no additional cost to our clients, basic search engine optimisation to all websites built by our web development specialists. We believe it is vital that websites have in-built functions capable of placing the websites on a list of search results performed by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Website Maintenance and Administration

Many websites require regular update and maintenance. Database supported websites built by the web application development team at Clevasoft London usually include web pages with which to carry out site administration and update. Depending on the nature of the changes required, the web pages for update and administration allow for the participation of both clients and Clevasoft London’s web administration staff. Minor changes to site contents may be performed by the client whereas more technically difficult update tasks are handled by us.

Clients with existing websites may also offer us the job of carrying out periodic updates and management of their sites at considerably affordable rates.

Upgrade and Maintenance of Custom Desktop Applications

Most clients do request an upgrade upon satisfactory performance of any acquired custom software technology. The upgrade may be an inclusion of a function or two to an existing software package. It may also be a large re-organisation of an application to better meet the growing needs of a company.

Maintenance of windows driven applications may be due to third party system changes which support the client’s custom software. The desktop application developers at Clevasoft London almost always address issues relating to custom windows based software solutions.

After Sales Support

While our products and services are affordable, we are equally committed to providing extensive after sales support to our clientele. Send us email at and we shall contact you at the earliest possible time.